Only 7% of Kazakhstan Internet users shop online

08 ноября 2011, 19:00
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Kazakhstan Internet-users turned out to be the most passive buyers in Central and Eastern Europe, the research made by GfK Group states.

Online byuers of the Czech Republic turned out to be the most active. Almost 54 percent of Czech Internet-users buy goods online. Internet shops are popular among 48 percent of users in Slovakia and Slovenia. This number varies from 40 to 30 percent in Estonia, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.

Russian users prefer to buy stuff in real stores: only 20 percent of Internet users shop online. Low level of Internet sales is registered in Turkey and Ukraine: 10 and 8.5 percent users, respectively. Kazakhstan is the last in the list: 7 percent of users are fond of online shopping.

At the same time, Kazakhstan users are ranked the 4th by the usage of smartphones. Almost 16 percent of Kazakhstan's Internet-users access Internet via smartphones. Slovenia is ranked first (28 percent), it is followed by Turkey (24 percent) and Lithuania (18.5 percent). Kazakhstan is followed by Czech Republic (14.3 percent), Hungary (12.9 percent) and Russia (12 percent). Ukraine and Romania are the last in this list with 8.9 and 8.4 percent smartphone users, respectively.

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