Kazakhstan obtained .қаз Kazakh domain

14 февраля 2012, 16:32
Photo courtesy of antonblog.ru
Photo courtesy of antonblog.ru
International corporation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved .қаз domain and delegated it to Kazakhstan Association of IT-companies, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing the National Internet Domain Coordination Center’s website .

The new .қаз Kazakh domain uses Cyrillic alphabet, but also contains a specific Kazakh type of Cyrillics. There are about ten million people who speak Kazakh around the world. The number of Kazakhstan Internet users has reached 4.3 million people or 41% of country’s population.

Cyrillic alphabet is one of the most used alphabets in the Internet, according to Andrey Kolesnikov, Coordination Center director. “The registration of one more domain that uses Cyrillic alphabet is of vital importance for global network development on the whole,” he said.

Meanwhile not every country has got its own internationalized high level domain name. There are less than 30 of such countries at present. The ICANN doesn’t always approve the domains that are suggested by countries applying for their own domain name. Recently .ελ (Greece) and .бг (Bulgary) domains have been rejected by the ICANN. The specialists considered these domains being to much alike with the existing ones or those that had been reserved before.

According to the ICANN commission the global Internet community is interested in having the .қаз domain. Kazakhstan association of IT-companies has not yet provided the rules of the new domain addresses registration.

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