Internet speed in Kazkahstan to reach 16 Mbit per second by 2014

21 апреля 2011, 17:53
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Communications and Information has set a goal to raise Internet speed to 16 Mbit per second in three years’ time, reports, citing Minister Zhumagaliev’s Twitter account.

“Pursuant to the instructions given by Kazkahstan’s PM Karim Massimov, within two weeks’ period the Ministry will submit a plan on 4G and FTTH introduction for the Government’s consideration. The goal is to reach 16 Mbit per second in three years!”, the Minister wrote in his Twitter account.

Now 4G is available in some major Kazkahstan’s cities. Earlier it was reported that in 2011 this particular format will be available in 20 cities of Kazkahstan.

The instruction to bring the Internet speed up to 16 Mbit per second was voiced by PM Massimov two months ago.

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