Domain stolen from Transparency Kazakhstan

06 августа 2012, 15:23
Kazakhstan division of the international anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International had to change its domain after its mail system was hacked, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

“The mail system was hacked and correspondence of Transparency Kazakhstan personnel was made public on July 29, 2012,” the message of the fund’s Executive Director Sergey Zlotnikov states.

According to him, the hackers obtained access to the organization’s domain and “the domain was illegally transferred to another registry”.

“To avoid illegal publications on our behalf and discrediting the goals and objectives of our organization, we have registered a new domain,,” Zlotnikov said.

The fund is trying to negotiate a return of the stolen domain with the registry, the message states.

Transparency Kazakhstan is a national division of the international organization Transparency International that was established in 1993 to counter corruption. It currently has 100 divisions around the world.

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