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1/3 of Kazakhstan doesn’t Friend colleagues in social networks

01 февраля 2013, 13:00
One third of polled Kazakhstan residents don't want to add their colleagues to Friends List at social networks' accounts.
One third of polled Kazakhstan residents don't want to add their colleagues to Friends List at social networks' accounts.
One third of the polled Kazakhstan citizens are reluctant to add their colleagues to their Friends lists in social networks, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to the poll made by HeadHunter HR company of Kazakhstan.

The company polled more than 2000 employees of various companies who are registered in different social networks and the results showed that 75% of the respondents usually add their colleagues to their Friends lists. According to the pollees, they want to learn more about hobbies and interests of the people they work with. 47% out of this portion of respondents maintain friendly relations through social networks and they help them to stay in touch after working hours.

However, not everyone welcomes his or her colleagues' desire to get to know each other better. 32% of the respondents said that they would reluctantly add their colleagues to their Friends lists. Another 15% answered that they usually rejected such proposals.

17% of the pollees answered that they don’t show all the personal information with their colleagues-friends. Another 24% stopped posting discreditable personal information in their accounts and 2% admitted that they have 2 accounts – one for real friends and another one for their colleagues.

When asked why the respondents rejected friendship proposals from their colleagues 30% of the pollees answered that there was too much personal information posted in their accounts and they didn’t want to share it with their colleagues. Another 29% said that they added only real friends to their Friends lists and there were no real friends among their colleagues. 6% answered that they didn’t want to add colleagues because their personal information could negatively affect their image at work.

The results of the poll also showed that 53% of pollees usually tried to learn more about their new colleagues via social networks.

Employees of tourism businesses, hotels, restaurants and art, entertainment and media companies propose friendship to their colleagues more often than the employees of other spheres. People employed in science, research and production enterprises are least interested in friending their colleagues.

Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki (Classmates) and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks according to the survey.

Friendship in social networks doesn’t mean real close relationships in future. So, 8% of the respondents forget about their new friend as soon as they add their colleague to the list of friends. 20% of the pollees usually learn personal information from the colleague’s account and read news, however they tend no to contact with their colleagues much. 49% of the pollees says they write to their colleagues, 32% share interesting news with them and 31% mark colleagues’ photos.

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