Wind and solar power stations to be built in Kazakhstan

21 октября 2011, 15:07
Samruk-Energo started implementing 3 renewable energy projects: two wind and one solar power stations in Almaty and Astana areas, reports citing the company’s press-service.

According to Samruk-Energo, wind power stations will appear in Shelek corridor (Almaty oblast, Enbekshikazakh region) and Yereimentau region in Astana area. The capacity of the stations will be 60 and 51 megawatt, respectively. Solar power station with 2 megawatt capacity will be built in Kapshagai town of Almaty oblast.

Feasibility studies for the projects are currently being done. They will also include assessment of economic efficiency of the stations. The power stations construction plans are also being prepared. Ecological inspection will be performed as well. Final cost of the projects and time of their implementation will be announced after completion of the feasibility study in December 2011.

Earlier English reported that Vestas, Germany, is planning to invest around 200 million Euro in construction of wind power stations in Kazakhstan. According to the business-plan, wind power stations will be built near Astana, in Yereimentau and Shelek corridor of Almaty oblast. KEGOC and Samruk-Energo are being considered as potential partners from Kazakhstan's side.

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