Sulfuric acid plant starts generating energy in Kyzylorda oblast

10 июля 2013, 19:17
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
An energy block has been launched at the sulfuric acid plant in Kyzylorda oblast in southern Kazakhstan, KazTAG reports.

“Energy is the by-product of the plant in Zhanakorgan region. It is generated by steam received during production of sulfuric acid. The excessive cheap energy is supplied to the regional networks by the 13km power line,” Director General of SKZ-U Madikhan Bekzhanov said.

The capacity of the steam-turbine generator unit is 18.5 MW. The plant is consuming 2.5 MW of its own energy. This allows it to save around 30 million tenge ($200 thousand) per month. “No other Kazakhstan production company has an energy complex similar to the one we have,” Bekzhanov said.

The sulfuric acid plant in Kyzylorda oblast was launched in December 2011 as part of the Kazakhstan State Program of Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development for 2010-2014. The project is operated by SKZ-U company (a branch of KazAtomPatom National Atomic Company). The plant was built to provide sulfuric acid to Kazakhstan’s uranium industry, where the acid is used for in situ leaching of uranium.

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