Shymkent oil refinery plant restarted after overhaul

11 ноября 2013, 16:12
Shymkent oil refinery plant. Photo a courtesy of
Shymkent oil refinery plant. Photo a courtesy of
Shymkent Oil Refinery in southern Kazakhstan has been restarted after an overhaul, Tengrinews reports referring to the press office of SNOS company, a gasoline manufacturer.

The repairs were finished on time as agreed with the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan.

The primary distillation units have been turned on and the production resumed at Shymkent Oil Refinery. All the other units will be restarted in line with stages of the production process.

In October 2013 Shymkent Oil Refinery was put on hold for a planned 30-day overhaul. A reserve of AI-80 and AI-92 gasoline and petcoke had been made before the overhaul.

Shymkent Oil Refinery will be modernized by 2016.

Earlier Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov promised to personally control modernization of all three Kazakhstan oil refineries.

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