Samruk-Kazyna halves capacity of Kartaly-Astana gas pipeline

05 сентября 2013, 23:50
Construction of the new pipeline. ©RIA Novosti.
Construction of the new pipeline. ©RIA Novosti.
Samruk Kazyna is building trunk gas pipeline to Astana that is half the initial capacity,

It was initially planned to build a gas pipeline carrying 6 billion cubic meters a year, but in late 2012 then Vice-Chairman of Samruk Kazyna National Wellfare Fund made a statement about the capacity of the planned gas pipeline Kartaly-Astana being halved.

According to him, a new feasibility study was done to substantiate halving of the carrying capacity of the pipeline because the expected number of users will be insufficient to consume the initially planned 6 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

"Earlier the plan was to transport 6 billion cubic meters of gas. The number of users along the pipeline and regional networks are not large enough to consume this gas. That's why we had to slash the project from 6 to 3 billion cubic meters of gas," Bishimbayev said.

He noted that "the project is complicated because of the lengthy payback period".

"It is understandable that the transportation costs will have an effect on the end users. That's why we have to find a balance from the financial point of view and have a clear understanding on the cost and payback time," Kuandyk Bishimbayev added.

Kartaly-Astana gas pipeline will supply gas to central and northern regions of Kazakhstan: to Astana city, Kostanay and North-Kazakhstan Oblasts and Schuchinsk-Borovoye resort. The pipeline will be laid through Kokshetau, Kostanay and Astana.

The construction is expected to be completed in 2915.

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