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One quarter of boilers in Kazakhstan heat power plants are overaged

22 июня 2012, 17:29
One quarter of the boilers in Kazakhstan heat power plants are overaged, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the commission of state power control of Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies that performed an annual analysis of the technical condition of major energy equipment of Kazakhstan's heat and hydro power stations.

"The total of 291 boilers, 198 turbines and 44 hydro turbines are used at energy sources in Kazakhstan. They are all managed by the State Energy Control. It was found that 23 percent of the boilers, 36 percent of the turbines and 27 percent of the hydro turbines are working in excess of the time limits set by the manufacturer," the commission stated. The city administrations and management of power companies were recommended to include the equipment with excessive lifespan into repair programs.

The commission gave the examples of the equipment's exhaustion. As of January 1, 2012, turbine No.1 at Balkhash heat power plant (Karaganda oblast) had the life of 535 thousand hours, while the life limit set by the manufacturer is 270 thousand hours. The turbine of the station No.1 of Tekeli heat power plant (Almaty oblast) has the life of over 400 thousand hours while its life limit should be 270 thousand hours. The boiler of Station No.1 of Kostanay Fuel and Energy Complex should not exceed the life limit of 200 thousand hours while the its actual life is already 336 thousand hours. Most of the energy equipment with over 100 percent of excessive life was discovered in East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Kostanay oblasts. Almost every region has power equipment with excessive life, the commission stated.

"Evidently, the reliability of such equipment and the power sources in general goes down with the increase of the operating time. It is very important that the managers include the equipment with excessive exploitation periods into the repair works for the coming heating season. Territorial departments of State Energy Control will pay special attention to technical condition of such equipment during the checks into preparedness of power companies for the heating season," the commission noted.

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