National Anti-Doping Center to open in Kazakhstan

09 декабря 2011, 14:31
Medical laboratory. ©RIA Novosti
Medical laboratory. ©RIA Novosti
National Anti-Doping Center will start operating in Kazakhstan on January 1, 2012, reports citing acting head of High Achievement Sports Department under Sports Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Sport and Tourism Viktor Aboimov.

“Anti-doping laboratory certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has been created and is already operating in Almaty. However, according to the Agency's rules, our laboratory is not eligible to make doping-tests of sportsmen. That is what the new center will be doing,” Aboimov said.

The Center will help develop anti-doping rules and render legal support to sportsmen in resolving conflicts with the WADA. The Center's experts will be creating blood passports for each sportsman in Kazakhstan, as well as make tests schedules.

“We cannot say that there was nobody doing this before in Kazakhstan. The Sports Commission used to have doping-officers who were doing doping-sampling. But according to the rules, our laboratory has to received doping-samples anonymously, i.e. the experts may not know which sportsman's sample they are working with,” Aboimov added.

The new center will be headed by Maira Bakasheva who controlled doping-sampling during the 7th Winter Asian Games. The main center will be located in Almaty. Aboimov noted that creation of the National Anti-Doping Center will be of a benefit for sportsmen. For example, if the center was opened earlier, the athlete Olga Tereshkova could have proved her innocence when her doping-test was found testosterone positive in August. The special features of her body would have been registered in her blood passport.

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