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Locomotive-assembling plant in Astana ready to produce 100 units a year

14 июля 2011, 19:04
"Evolution" locomotive made in Kazakhstan
"Evolution" locomotive made in Kazakhstan
Assembling Kazakhstan National Emblem on a locomotive
Assembling Kazakhstan National Emblem on a locomotive
Locomotive-assembling plant in Astana is ready to produce 100 locomotives per year, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Marat Tleubayev, President of Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty (Locomotive-assembling plant) as saying during a press-tour to assembling facility on July 14.

As per production plan for 2011, 78 locomotives had to be assembled, but, according to the plant manager, they are ready to work ahead of schedule. “I expect 100 locomotives to be produced this year and the factory is capable of producing 150 of them in total. We will sell 69 locomotives to Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Kazakhstan railroad company) and should there by any order by the end of the year, we will try to produce 100 locomotives.”

Astana plant is currently preparing to send the locomotive to Russian certification center in Kolomna. After passing the tests that would take about a year, the plant will get a certificate. This will allow it to sell locomotives in the Russian market.

“Tajikistan wants to buy three locomotives this year, Mongolia offered to buy about 10 of them. Private Russian companies are waiting for the certification results,” the company's manager said.

The cost of locomotive produced in Astana for local market is $3.9 million. The locomotives are to be sold in the foreign markets for $4,8 million.

Another potential customer of local machine manufacturing is Estonia. This Baltic country is also waiting for a locomotive for testing. Estonia has its own certification system and Estonians might take the decision on whether to buy the locomotive after just 2-4 months.

Astana-made locomotive will be better than the ones made in Russia in terms of cost effectiveness, amount of hazardous emissions, reliability and comfort. The plant experts have calculated that the locomotive saves around $460 thousand per year of operation.

Kazakhstan content in production of locomotives is currently 52 percent. But local companies keep mastering production of new devices and details required for the locomotive production and their involvement is expected to gradually increase. Kazakhstan content is to reach 70 percent by 2014.

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