Kazakhstan railway stations will have Wi-Fi hubs

20 июня 2012, 19:09
Almaty-1 Railway station. Photo courtesy of railways.kz
Almaty-1 Railway station. Photo courtesy of railways.kz
Wi-Fi hubs will appear at major railway stations in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing the press-service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

All the railway stations in Kazakhstan will be divided into classes. A special commission will define each station's class based on the number of passengers its services and the equipment available at the station. Every category will have a lost of requirements that a station is supposed to meet.

Standard railway station requirements will include availability of ticket offices, waiting rooms, lavatories, information desks and screens for passengers, first-aid posts and security personnel.

Higher-class railway stations will have to be equipped with Wi-Fi hubs, video surveillance cameras, luggage offices, exchange offices, bank machines, post and telegraph offices, mother’s room and service center.

All the railway stations in Kazakhstan will have to develop conditions for unobstructed movement of disabled people. Moreover, disabled clients will have to be accompanied by railway station personnel while at the station. They will be aided in getting on and off the trains as well.

Another rule for the stations is that they may not allow electricity blackouts (have to be equipped with generators). They should have fire alarm and ticket barriers installed and kept in working order.

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