Kazakhstan may export ships to neighbors

04 ноября 2013, 13:33
©Kazakhstan Engineering
©Kazakhstan Engineering
Kazakhstan is poised to export ships once the domestic demand is fully met,Kazakhstan Engineering national company told Tengrinews.

Zenit Uralsk Plant and HydroPribor R&D Institute have been manufacturing different ships ranging from coast-guard speed boats to rocket-carrying gunships since 1994.

Over 40 Kazakhstan-made speed boats and other ships of less than 240 tonnes of deadweight, 2 airboats, 3 auxiliary floating rafts and various navigation equipment for accident free navigation in the Kazakhstan section of the Caspian Sea has been manufactured for Kazakhstan's defense forces so far.

According to the national company's representative, the Kazakhstan ships are being produced for domestic market only for the time being. But once the domestic market demands is met, the company is planing to start exporting its produce.

Meanwhile, some of the Kazakhstan-based manufactures of equipment for military vessels are already exporting their products to the Russian Navy.

Besides, according to a source close to the negotiations, Kazakhstan is discussing cooperation with leading Ukrainian shipbuilding companies. Back in 2012 Kazakhstan Engineering company declared its intent to work with Ukrainian Shipbuilding R&D Center. They were planning to create a joint design bureau and sell their products at the Kazakhstan market.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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