Kazakhstan lacks resources for Trans-Caspian Pipeline

07 октября 2011, 11:36
Kazakhstan does not have the necessary resources to fill the proposed Trans-Caspian gas pipeline, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev.

That’s a statement he made answering the question on whether Kazakhstan will take part in this project. “It all depends on the resources. Right now we don’t have the resources for this gas pipeline,” the Minister said October 6 at the 19th Kazakhstan International Conference Oil and Gas in Almaty.

Meanwhile, Director General of Kazakhstan Institute of Oil and Gas Uzakbai Karabalin is sure that construction of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline will be profitable for the country. “There are currently many gas pipelines at Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan pre-Caspian territories. One more pipeline will not affect the ecology much. Any diversification and opportunity for sales of goods in the new markets is good for Kazakhstan,” the expert said.

The European Union is calling for Kazakhstan’s participation in this project, the EU Commissioner for Energy Gunter Oettinger said at the 6th Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY. According to him, this will allow to significantly enhance energy cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan.

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