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Kazakhstan approves Russia’s schedule of space vehicles launches from Baikonur for 2013

16 января 2013, 01:00
© RIA Novosti
© RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan’s Government has approved the schedule of Russia’s space vehicles to be launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in 2013, according to the Adilet database of legal acts.

The Kazakhstan’s Government has approved of the Russia’s plans on launching space vehicles within the Federal Space Research Program for 2006-2015, the Federal program to support GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) projects for 2012-2020 and programs of international cooperation as well as within commercial projects.

Besides, the two sides have agreed on launches of military space vehicles.

Launches of space vehicles involving new drop-off zones for Soyuz launchers can be carried out after a respective international agreement is signed and comes into effect.

There can be no more than 12 launches relying on Proton-M carrier rockets (two fewer carrier rockets than in 2012). This change is pursuant to the Agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan on effective use of the cosmodrome that seeks to reduce the number of rocket carriers running on highly toxic fuel.

Plans are there to carry out about 30 launches from Bikonur in 2013.

Baikonur is the first and largest cosmodrome in the world. Located in Kazakhstan, it is rented out to Russia till 2050.

Baikonur is closer to the Equator than other launch sites – a situation that facilitates geostationary orbit or orbits less inclined to reach the International Space Station (ISS). This privileged geographic placement enables the launch of more significant payloads.

The cosmodrome has been rented out since 1994. Annual rent stands at $115 million.

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