High quality wines to be produced in south Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev

22 сентября 2013, 12:51
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited South-Kazakhstan oblast and commented on prospect of development of winegrowing and winemaking in Saryagash region, Tengrinews reports citing the President’s press-service.

Nazarbayev reminded that he visited a wine factory in France several years ago and gave the Kazakhstan producers a task to employ the international experience to boost the development of wine-making in Kazakhstan.

“Some time ago I instructed the producers to develop the unused lands in the region and cultivate grapes. This year they are collecting the first harvest. Grapes are collected by combiners and no hand work is required. A plant capable of producing around two million liters per year has been built. It can produce wine meeting the highest European standards. This company will become an example for all the wine producers in Kazakhstan,” the President said.

An industry new for Kazakhstan -- high quality wine-making -- is being created in the south of the country, Nazarbayev emphasized.

“One of our priority tasks is to unleash the potential of every region. Northern regions grow wheat; they are specialize on it and are capable of producing good quality harvest under any conditions. Gold and silver are produced in the East of the country and copper is produced in Central Kazakhstan. Oil is produced in the West. Southern regions provide the country with vegetables, exporting them abroad as well. Wine-growing is developing in the Southern regions and now we can step up wine production,” the President said.

The President visited the new company called Caspian Foods operating in the area.

The company’s total area is 600 hectares, including 320 hectares of vineyards and 8,000 square meters of the wine factory area. The plant has 172 tanks for fermentation and storage of white and red wines, filling section, basement for wine ageing in oak casks and a laboratory that constantly controls the quality of the produced wines. The plant’s capacity is 3,000 tons per season and its storage capacity allows to store 3 million liters of wines at the same time.

The planting stock is imported from French province of Bordeaux. The variety of grapes grown at the company’s vineyard includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel and Viognier.

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