Danish firm to invest 200 million Euro in Kazakhstan wind

12 октября 2011, 12:35
Danish concern Vestas is planning to invest around 200 million Euro into construction of wind power stations in Kazakhstan, Neftegaz.ru writes.

The concern has already prepared a business-plan on installation of wind power stations near Astana, in Yereimentau and Shelek corridor. Their power will reach up to 500 MW. KEGOC and Samruk-Energo are being considered as potential partners from Kazakhstan's side. The newspaper states that Vestas will have to run a storng PR campaign and make the cost attractive to sell the wind energy.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is one of the world's major producers of wind generators. The company's turnover is around 800 million Euro. In 2010 the concern won the first place for the total amount of power produced during the year: 5,842 MW.

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