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Almaty private bus companies are afraid of satellite monitoring

17 января 2012, 13:24
Vesti.kz stock photo
Vesti.kz stock photo
Transport and Communications Institute plans to introduce a satellite monitoring system to check bus routes timekeeping, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Alexander Bogdanovich, Vice-President of Transport and Communication Institute of Scientific Research. He said this during an online conference at Tsenter Tyazesti (Gravity Center) Internet Forum.

According to him, the city’s Akimat (local administration) launched the project last year. Traffic control over passengers’ transportation is to be made available as part of the project. It is being actively tested now. If everything goes right, we’ll have an excellent traffic control system of buses on routes. This a satellite system. It requires installation of beacons on a large number of buses. Private carriers are trying to avoid this. It system would require them to be disciplined. However, I think the system will start working in the nearest future, in spite of their objections,” Bogdanchikov said.

During the online conference Almaty citizens said it was vital also to introduce electronic tracking terminal at bus stops. Bogdanchikov said that he would support this project, because the system is essential for big cities traffic. “Sure, a passenger should know when his bus arrives. If I see that my bus is due in 20 minutes, then I understand that it is in traffic jam now. So I have two options: to wait for it, or to do something else,” he said. However, he added that the launch of such a project is not in his capacity. Only AlmatyGorTrans could carry out the traffic control, he said.

The project under discussion contains several parts: satellite tracking of all the passenger busses on the touts in the city and installation of terminals at buss stops. The tracking will make busses stay on their routs and observe timing closely, i.e. make them more disciplined and predictable. Passengers at buss stops will be able to check progress of the busses though terminal installed at bus stops. They would be able to see where their bus is and how soon it would reach their bus stop. This would enable them to make informed decisions.

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