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Aktau concerned about possible constrcution of nuclear power plant

30 октября 2013, 23:42
Nuclear power plant. ©RIA Novosti
Nuclear power plant. ©RIA Novosti
Mangistau Oblast authorities are concerned about the Kazakhstan government's plans to construct a nuclear power plant near Aktau, the largest city of western Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the head of the oblast's Energy and Utilities Department Bakytzhan Utegaliyev quoted by Lada newspaper.

The State Commission led by Vice-Prime-Minster Asset Isserkeshev has selected three possible areas for construction of the power plant: Mangistau Oblast, Almaty Oblast and Eastern Kazakhstan Oblast.

But most of Mangistau Oblast's residents are against the possible construction.

"We hope that the opinion of the Mangistau authorities will be considered during the final selection. For the time being, we are concern about this. The society is not supportive of this initiative," Utegaliyev said.

Currently electric power is supplied to the Oblast by MEAK-KazAtomProm JSC (Mangistau Atomic Power Plant). The company includes three thermal power plants and are using natural gas as fuel. By 2015-2016 two out of the three plans - Thermal Power Plant 1 and Thermal Power Plant 2 - are going to be decommissioned because their technical lifespan runs out. This will leave Thermal Power Plant 3 the only source of power for the oblast. And this is not going to be enough.

Meanwhile the mayor of Kurchatov town - the target town in Eastern Kazakhstan Oblast - commented the possibility of his town getting a nuclear power plant for Tengrinews in quite a different manner. Dimitriy Garikov, Mayor of Kurchatov, said: "Construction of a nuclear power plant is a sensitive question that very much depends on the public opinion. We are among the initiators of construction of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan. The possible area in Aktau, in Almaty Oblast's Ulken village and in Kurchatov - have been studied already. Now we are considering compliance of these grounds," Garikov said.

In general, the mayor believes that constitutions of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan is something called upon by the time. "We are experiencing power shortages already. We understand that the green economy and use of alternative energy sources are not going to solve the problem. And all the natural resources have their limits and are going to be depleted sooner of later. Atomic energy is the energy of the future. It is more environmentally-friendly than the energy generated by thermal power plants.

"For example, there are 17 commercial reactors in China, 6 nuclear power states, 37 power-generating units are being build and 54 more are scheduled to be built. And with all this, the (nuclear) energy share in China makes a mere 2 percent," the mayor of Kurchatov shared.

"Wherever this nuclear power plant is going to be built in Kazakhstan it is going to be a shame if it is not in our region, this would have attracted huge investments. We have the site that is suitable for construction of a nuclear power plant by all accounts: it has water reserves, ideal seismic conditions and trained scientists," Garikov explained.

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