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Young Kazakh anemia patient trapped in Indian clinic eyes his way home

22 марта 2014, 18:11
Timofey Verevkin. Photo a courtesy of social networks
Timofey Verevkin. Photo a courtesy of social networks
Timofey Verevkin. Photo a courtesy of social networks
Timofey Verevkin. Photo a courtesy of social networks
A story of a 14 y.o. Kazakhstani Timofey Verevkin is one where goodness prevails. It is also about what happens when people come together for a good cause.

Timofey Verevkin was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and juvenile osteoporosis. But that happened only after he had been diagnosed wrongly and treated for something he did not have in Almaty. His single mother Victoria Kazachkova did not have sufficient funds to get a proper treatment for her son. But thanks to kind hearts and sufficient donations the son and the mother went to Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India.

“The chemotherapy caused some complications and the child was transferred into intensive care. He was there for 15 days,” Larisa Andreeva of the Pavlodar Charity Fund said. She explained that because of this, the medical bill came up to $12 thousand and keeps going up every day by $750. “Timofey’s mother was informed by the doctors that her son will be discharged only after the payments have been made,” Andreeva added.

But for a single mother the sum of money is impossible to get in a short period of time. She just simply does not have the money.

“Timofey’s mother is very grateful to the Indian doctors for brining her son back to his feet. In case of a successful completion of the treatment, he might not need a bone marrow transplantation,” Andreeva said. The Charity Fund in Pavlodar started collecting money to cover the boy’s expenses at the clinic to bring him finally back home. But as Andreeva said, the debt grows every day.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in India came to help when they heard about Timofey’s case. Ambassador Konstantin Chin came to visit the boy and promised to provide the necessary funds. “He promised to negotiate with a Kazakhstani company to cover the expenses for Timofey’s treatment. As soon as sponsors transfer the money to the hospital’s bank account, the boy will be discharged,” Andreeva said.

Victoria Kazachkova expressed her deepest gratitude online to everyone who helped her son. “Today our countrymen came to the hospital and gave us 24 thousand rupees, which is around $400. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Russia helped us too. We are very thankful and happy that there are people who understand our situation and have compassion for us,” Victoria said.

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