WHO declared Kazakhstan malaria-free

29 марта 2012, 15:47
The World Health Organization has declared Kazakhstan malaria-free, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry.

The announcement was made by WHO Director General, doctor Margaret Chan, in a letter to Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister Salidat Kairbekova. The letter emphasizes Kazakhstan's success in maintaining the nation's territory malaria-free and preventing secondary entrance of malaria into the country. Besides, the message mentions the regional initiative aimed at liquidating malaria from the European WHO region completely by 2015.

"Considering the long period with no cases or manifestations of malaria in Kazakhstan and taking into account the national efforts taken to maintain this success, I am pleased to include Kazakhstan into the list of malaria-free countries. A message on Kazakhstan's entrance into this list will be published in the global malaria report 2012," Chan writes.

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