Unique heart surgery performed on representative of American company in Astana

25 июня 2012, 19:43
Installation of the stent into the coronary artery
Installation of the stent into the coronary artery
X-ray image of implanted valved in the chrome stent
X-ray image of implanted valved in the chrome stent
A complicated heart surgery on a foreign representative of one of the major American companies in Kazakhstan has been made in Cardiosurgery Center of the National Medical Holding in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports.

One day before the surgery the patient complained of a heart pain while in Astana. The foreign national was recommended to urgently leave for Europe or the United States for the surgery. However, having heard of the good results of Kazakhstan cardiosurgery and good reputation of the famous cardiosurgeon Yuriy Pya, the patient decided to stay in Astana.

Right after his arrival to the center he underwent a high-tech surgery to install a stent in the coronary artery. The surgery was non-invasive; it was performed with the use of special catheters that were inserted into the heart via the ulnar artery. The surgery was made under local anesthesia and the patient was able to watch the surgeons restoring the blocked artery feeding the heart. After the successful surgery the patient spent several hours in the intensive care unit and was then discharged.

The National Scientific Cardiosurgery Center was established in Astana upon an initiative of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev in October 2011. Six month ago the Center performed a unique surgery on implantation of artificial left heart ventricle (artificial heart). Over 30 such complicated surgeries were performed in the center since then.

Besides, another newest technology was introduced in the Center on June 11: a transcatheter implantation of heart valve via the femoral artery.

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