Kazakhstan doctors invented new method for brain tumor treatment

11 июля 2012, 15:57
A new method of brain tumor treatment has been developed in Kazakhstan, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing the press-service of the State Scientific Center of Emergency Medicine.

“Led by professor Kennet Alibek and doctor Igor Ponomarev, experts of the State Scientific Center of Emergency Medicine and Nazarbayev University have developed a new method for treatment of brain tumors,” the press-service’s message states.

The method includes a complex etiopathogenetic treatment of tumors, metabolic disorders and other associated pathologies. Chemotherapy is applied after the treatment, the message states.

“Such researches are made in many famous international scientific centers, but only Kazakhstan scientists managed to reach significant practical results. Four patients of the oncology department of the State Center have already been discharged after full recovery and are currently back to normal life. Another six patients are currently being treated at the Center and have a positive dynamics,” the press-service writes. All the patients arrived to the Center with the last stages of the disease after different therapies had failed to give any positive results.

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