Kazakhstan allocates 1 billion tenge for organs transplantation abroad in 2013

13 февраля 2013, 19:08
Kazakhstan has allocated 1 billion tenge ($6.7 million) for Kazakhstan citizens who need organs transplantation abroad in 2013, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Director of Medical Aid Organization of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry Azhar Tugaliyeva as saying at the press-conference.

“Our citizens go abroad only for transplantation of organs and tissues. These are the serious patients who failed to find their donors and for whom there is no possibility to have the surgery in Kazakhstan. The budget for the citizen’s treatment abroad is increasing, as these are serious patients. These are only complicated surgeries that involve a donors search and transplantation of big major organs, that are very expensive abroad. One such surgery costs around $200 thousand,” Azhar Tugaliyeva said.

According to her, 1 billion tenge has been allocated from the state budget for 2013 to cover all patients than require transplantation and avoid the queues.

“There will be no queues in the Healthcare Ministry next year, as all the requiring patients will go for donors search and for surgeries abroad, including Russia and Belarus. We have reviewed the preliminary documents and those Kazakhstan citizens have already got invitations for treatment in their clinics,” Tugaliyeva said.

According to the expert, there are currently 120 people awaiting for organs transplantation. 96 of them require kidneys transplantation, 4 need heart transplantation and 7 require bone marrow transplantation. The patients will be sent to the selected country twice: the first time to get on the clinic’s waitlist and the second time to get the surgery once the donor is found.

By Shynar Ospanova

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