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Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry makes rating of fatal diseases

03 апреля 2013, 13:56
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
A rating of the most hazardous fatal diseases has been made in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry.

Based on mortality rates in Kazakhstan, the Ministry tagged circulatory diseases the country's biggest medical problem. These diseases morbidity has increased by 7 percent over the last 5 years: 2,454 sick per 100 thousand people versus 2,273 patients in 2008. The Ministry pointed out that 20 stroke centers had been opened for treatment of patients with acute strokes in the country's regions. Besides, the plan is to open another 28 centers until the end of the year. "As a result of these measures, we can see a clear trend of decrease of mortality from circulatory diseases from 416 patients who died in 2008 to 252 in 2012," the Ministry said.

Oncology is ranked the second main cause of people's mortality in Kazakhstan. The numbers of malignant tumors has grown over the past 5 years from 183 in 2008 to 1,901 cases of oncological diseases per 100 thousand people in 2012. "To improve oncological treatment, we have been focusing on early detection of malignant tumors through preventive checkups of target groups and use of the progressive diagnostics and treatment methods," the press-service wrote. As a result, the Ministry noted a decreasing dynamics in mortality from malignant tumors: 100 died per 100 thousand people in 2012 versus 115 people who died in 2008.

Another major medical problem in Kazakhstan lays in traumas. The number of injuries and intoxications made 3,615 per 100 thousand people in 2012, which is 10 percent less than in 2008. There is also a decrease in mortality from accidents, injuries and intoxications from 126 dead in 2008 to 97 dead per 100 thousand people in 2012.

Diabetes remains a serious problem in Kazakhstan. According to the Ministry, the number of cases of diabetics is growing not only in Kazakhstan and the reason lays in growth of the country's economy and improvement of live standards in general. Diabetes morbidity has increased over the last 5 years: from 148 cases per 100 thousand people in 2008 to 171 cases per 100 thousand people in 2012.

Meanwhile, the epidemiological situation with contagious diseases was stable in Kazakhstan in 2012. According to the Ministry, there were no cases of plague, cholera, paratyphoids, diphtheria, poliomyelitis or tetanus. Poliomyelitis and malaria have been fully eliminated in Kazakhstan.

According to the World Health Organization, four factors influence the people's health: lifestyle (50 percent), heredity and environment (20 percent each) and healthcare system (10 percent).

Overall morbidity rate in Kazakhstan has decreased 37% over the past 3 years. In 2012 it was 18.7% less than in 2011.

48,536 cardiac surgeries were made in 2012 in Kazakhstan. 9636 of them (including 2386 on children) were open heart surgeries. There were 49.9% more open heart surgeries and interventions like coronary angiography and stenting on adults in 2012 than in 2011.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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