First lung transplantation to be performed in Kazakhstan in 2014

21 января 2014, 12:25
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The first lung transplantation will be made in Kazakhstan in 2014, Tengrinews reports citing Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Healthcare Erik Baizhunussov.

“We are ready for this type of transplantation. I think that the moment is right, we will try to make this surgery in 2014. There are many patients who need this surgery as no other kind of surgery can save them. We are looking forward to it and I think that we will have the capacity to make this surgery in 2014,” Baizhunussov said.

This type of surgery is very complicated and is considered top class in medicine, he noted.

He believes that doctors should not focus on lung transplantation only, because it is performed quite rarely, but get ready to progress to the combined heart and lung transplantation.

By Renat Tashkinbayev

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