AIDS rate dropped 10% in Kazakhstan in 2011

13 января 2012, 17:18
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AIDS rate dropped almost by 10% in Kazakhstan in 2011, reports, citing KazTAG.

According to the press-release of the Ministry of Healthcare, hepatitis infection rate dropped 47.2%, diarrheal diseases rate dropped 15.9%, AIDS rate dropped 9.9%, respiratory tuberculosis dropped 9.9% in comparison with the same period of 2010.

No cases of cholera, plague, paratyphoid, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, trichinellosis, foot-and-mouth disease were registered among people in 2011.

The number of cases of virus infection dropped 29.5%, bacillary dysentery dropped 28.9%, salmonellosis dropped 22%, head lice dropped 21.2%, brucellosis dropped 17.9%, echinococcosis dropped 12.4, botulism decreed 2.3 times, listerellosis - 2.1 times; the number of typhoid fever was two cases less than last year.

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