LG out to clean up with first-ever Twin clothes washer

06 января 2015, 11:50
©REUTERS/Steve Marcus
©REUTERS/Steve Marcus

 LG Electronics on Monday promised to take some of the hassle out of doing laundry with a first-ever washing machine setup that simultaneously handles two separate loads, AFP reports.

The Twin Wash system featured an ample-sized, front-loading washer resting atop a mini-unit that opened like a drawer and was designed with small batches of clothing such as delicate items in mind, according to a presentation by the South Korean consumer electronics giant on the eve of the major Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The idea was that running two laundry loads simultaneously, one being special-care items that are often relegated to hampers until enough accrue to justify running washers, will result in less time tending to chores, according to David VanderWaal of LG Electronics USA marketing.

"Today's busy families consider laundry to be less like a chore and more like a chess match," VanderWaal said, referring to figuring out competing settings for colors, whites, delicates and more.

A mini-washing machine serving as a pedestal to a main washer lets laundry-doers "divide and conquer," he maintained.

The system can use an LG HomeChat wireless network to let people monitor progress using smartphones.

"We are going to help consumers spend less time in the laundry room and more time in the rooms where they want to be," VanderWaal said.

Availability and pricing details were not released.

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