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One third Kazakhstan companies spend up to 500 thousand tenge on New Year staff parties

28 декабря 2012, 11:58
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
One third of Kazakhstan companies spend between 300 to 500 thousand tenge ($2-3,3 thousand) on their New Year staff parties, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the survey made by HeadHunter.

“According to 31 percent of the polled representatives of Kazakhstan companies, the New Year staff party costs from 300 to 500 thousand tenge,” the research states. The more staff a company has, the bigger the celebration budget is. The poll covered 109 companies. 56 percent of them have up to 50 employees, 20 percent have 50-100 employees, 12 percent have 100-200 employees and 7 percent have over 500 employees.

Only 9 percent of the polled companies with up to 50 employees can afford to spend 1-1.5 million tenge ($6.7-10 thousand) for their New Year’s celebrations. The party budget of such companies (64 percent) mainly ranges within 300-500 thousand tenge ($2-3,3 thousand).

20 percent of the companies employing 100-200 people have the budget of up to 300 thousand tenge ($2 thousand). Another 40 percent of such companies spend from 700 thousand to 1 million tenge ($4.7-6.7 thousand), while 20 percent spend over 1.5 million tenge ($10 thousand).

40 percent of the polled companies with 50-100 employees allocate 500-700 thousand tenge ($3.3-4.7 thousand) for the celebrations, while 20 percent of such companies spend up to 300 thousand tenge ($2 thousand).

60 percent of the companies with over 500 employees and 89 percent of the companies with 400-500 employees spend over 1.5 million tenge ($10 thousand).

According to the survey, HR departments are accountable for New Year celebrations in 37 percent of the polled companies, while 36 percent of the companies entrust the preparations to administration and maintenance departments. Marketing and PR departments prepare the celebrations in 5 percent of the companies.

58 percent of HR experts started preparing for their New Year staff party in November. 11 percent of personnel departments started preparing in December and the same number of them started in September. 14 percent of HR departments started preparations in October.

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