Debtors will no longer be allowed to travel abroad

08 апреля 2011, 16:42
Photo ©RIA Novosti
Photo ©RIA Novosti
Ministry of Justice plans to prohibit Kazakhstan citizens who have tax or alimony arrears from exiting the country, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

Kazakhstan is going to follow Russia's experience, Amirkhan Amanbayev said in an online-conference at Bnews.
Now the system is being introduced in our country.

“I am warning all the debtors and alimony payers to repay their debts as soon as possible. Otherwise they might find themselves unable to travel abroad starting from this summer. And they will have to spend their vocations in Kazakhstan until they repay the debts,” he said.

“We will introduce an automated data base that will be made available to customs and border control services,” said the Vice-minister.

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