Astana to see new tourism facilities worth $250 million for EXPO-2017

25 ноября 2013, 21:14
Marat Abilov©
Marat Abilov©
Tourism facilities worth over $250 million are to be constructed at the threshold of hosting the EXPO-2017 to boost inflow of tourists to Astana, according to Miroslav Dragicevic, Managing Partner of Horwath HTL (Hotels Tourism and Leisure) and a co-designer of the master plan.

He announced that on the sidelines of an event to unveil the progress report on the master plan.

According to Ms. Karlygash Altayeva, Director of the Astana-based Center for Industries and Tourism, the final version of the master plan would be ready in December 2013. According to her, the master plan envisages construction of an aqua park, an ethnic park [designed to acquaint its visitors with nomadic lifestyle], a shopping gallery and other facilities.

“We have also developed some package tours for visitors to see Borovoye, Bayan Aul, Karkaralinsk and some other resort zones”, she said, adding that December 20 Astana would be hosting a conference focused on specific suggestions to develop tourism in Astana as part of preparation for EXPO-2017.

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