Astana budget grew 23 billion tenge this year

29 марта 2012, 14:52
Astana. Photo by Danial Okassov©
Astana. Photo by Danial Okassov©
The budget of Astana grew by 23.2 billion tenge ($156.7 million) this year, reports citing the head of Astana department of economy and budget planning Zhanat Nurpiissov as saying at the Maslikhat session.

"Overall the budget should make 284 billion tenge ($1.9 billion). It grew 23.2 billion tenge. Main parameters of the budget expenses were updated for 2012-2014. According to these parameters, additional transfers to Astana are planned. Annual planned expense for certain budget programs have been reviewed and amended for via internal redistribution," Nurpiissov said.

He noted than the state budget for 2012 provides for additional transfers worth 27.2 billion tenge ($182.6 million). A significant part of them includes 24 billion tenge ($162 million) in transfers for city development and current transfers of 3.2 billion tenge ($21.8 million). The head of economy and budget planning added that the remainders of the budget money made 11.7 billion tenge ($79.3 million).

According to Zhanat Nurpiissov, the priority directions of budget funds are: education, healthcare, culture and sport. Financial provisions for social support of low-income categories of citizens and for employment have been defined. Part of the funds will be aimed for construction and reconstruction of roads and a significant part will be spent on heating facilities.

He also suggested to increase the annual forecast for tax revenues of the budget to 798 million tenge ($5.4 million). According to him, the year 2011 saw 389 million tenge ($2.6 million), or 2.3 times, more budget revenues than 2010.

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