Astana 2011-2013 budget increased by 116.6 billion tenge

29 октября 2011, 11:15
Maslikhat (local representative authority) of Astana increased the city budget by 116.6 billion tenge ($793.2 million), reports citing the capital's official website.

According to the website, Astana budget increase for 2011-2013 is related to updating of the state budget and additional transfers of 70 billion tenge ($476.2 billion) from it, as well as redistribution of transfers of over 23 billion tenge ($156.5 million). Another 168 million tenge ($1.1 million) were received by the city budget because of increased budget incomes. Considering the changes, the total updated budget of Astana for 2011 is over 338 billion tenge ($2.3 billion).

In June Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Astana budget in the last 10 years had grown 10 times and is comparable to the state budget of Kyrgyzstan.

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