Toxic waste spilled into east Kazakhstan river

02 ноября 2011, 10:11
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Water intake area was polluted after an emergency dumping of toxic wastes from a gold plant in Sekissovka village of East Kazakhstan Oblast, KazTAG reports citing local residents.

"Wastes collector with cyanides of the gold-mining company sprung a leak. The flow was so strong, that the river was bubbling. All the fish died and the village's water intake area was polluted,” the witnesses said.

According to the villagers, the wastes were flowing into the river starting from Saturday until Monday (from October 29 to 31). The industrial emergency threatened to overfill the pond of a local fish breeding facility. Its owner had to open the dikes to let the water out. Currently village residents are not allowed to let the cattle out, come close to the river and use any water sources.

"This is not the first case of the wastes collector meltdown. A similar situation happened in the end of the summer, but the authorities made everything to keep it secret,” local residents complained.

There is no information in the official records of the oblast Emergency Situations Department on the accident in Sekissovka village.

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