Shymkent is suffering from anomalous heat

20 апреля 2012, 13:47
One of Shymkent's streets. Photo courtesy of
One of Shymkent's streets. Photo courtesy of
Extremely high air temperature has been recorded in Shymkent, the administrative center of South Kazakhstan oblast. On April 19 stems of thermometers reached 32 degrees Celsius in the shade, CA-NEWS reports.

Such a hot weather in the middle of April has been registered for the first time in history in this area, meteorological forecasters of the region are cited by the news wire as saying. However, according to the meteorologists' forecast, rains and storms are expected shortly in Shymkent.

The heat has not come unexpectedly since Kazhydromet (national weather service) foretasted the anomalous warm weather in April.

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