Massive oil lake appeared in Aktobe

11 июня 2011, 10:40
An oil lake appeared in the city of Aktobe. It may burst into flame any moment, Channel Seven reported. Experts say that just one match may cause a huge explosion.

The lake covers around one thousand square meters. The chemicals have already started damaging the soil. Oil has already leaked through the top soil and reached the underground waters. Besides, gas pipes are located under the lake. Violators will have to pay millions of tenge in fines, face the license suspension and maybe even a criminal prosecution, but local authorities are ignoring the problem.

Chief inspector of Tobyl-Torgai ecological department Maksat Maratuly said: “According to the state control regulations we have no right to make the check on our own behalf. Inspections require a direction and an order from the prosecution office.”

Executive Director of Lad oil refinery Aleksandr Lim promised to remove the oil lake, but emphasized that the company is not responsible for this situation. “There was another company here around twenty years ago, this is not our territory. An oil base was located there. Apparently spilled oil had been accumulating behind the fence for decades. The fence is also owned by that company. We have just rent this territory,” Lim said.

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