Kerosene leaking into Yessil river near Astana

07 июня 2013, 16:26
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Astana ecologists have discovered a kerosene leak in Yessil (Ishim) river, Astana TV reports. According to residents of Ondiris village, the jet fuel has been flowing into the river for several years.

The size of the ecological disaster is not clear yet. The whole area smells like kerosene. “Everything stinks, even fish. This water is discharged into the city zone. The Ishim River flows into the city and the water with a thick layer of kerosene flows with it. The smell is intolerable,” the local citizen Aleksander Bekker said.

The river bed that goes around the village is currently shut off. The ecologists are working at the leak site to find out the extent of pollution. The fuel is leaking from a pipeline, that is, according to the employees of Astana Ecology Department, registered to Astana International Airport. The prosecutors are investigating the case.

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