VIDEO: Car damaged by mud fountain in Almaty

28 июня 2012, 22:53
A crater of around 6 meters in diameter has appeared in Almaty in a heat pipeline blowout. The water fountain broke the pavement and nailed a BMW parked nearby with rocks and mud, reports.

The blowout happened at the crossing of Raiymbek and Seifullin streets. According to the witnesses, the hot water fountain lifted pieces of pavement and rocked to the height of 6-8 meters. "The car was covered with rocks. Then the second blow out happened. The rocks were the size of a human head; they were flying all around as far as 8 meters from the fountain. A wave of mud with rocks hit our building as well. It's good that there was nobody on the doorstep and the traffic lights were red, the cars were not moving. Only the BMW got damaged. Our car was next to it, but it only got dirty," Sergey Aispur who witnessed the accident said.

Photo by Sergey Aispur©

Almaty Emergency Situations Department has not commented the accident yet.

By Vladimir Prokopenko

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