Situation in south Kazakhstan under control

14 января 2013, 14:16
Photo courtesy of the press-service of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry©
Photo courtesy of the press-service of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry©
Rescuers took the situation in south Kazakhstan under control. Bad weather has caused an emergency situation in the region, badly damaging its utilities infrastructure, reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry.

The situation has been stabilized in South-Kazakhstan Oblast. There have been no more floods. The situation has been taken under control in Zhambyl Oblast. A Wi-Fi network has been established at the accident site. Additional 200 people and 17 vehicles of the Military Base 28237 of Kazakhstan Emergency Situation Ministry, as well as 13 persons and 6 vehicles of the Military Base 68303 have been dispatched to the area to set up communications.

The rescuers also report that electricity supply has been restored in Kyzylorda. The supply was cut off because of the weather damaged of the city's transformer plants. 30 people and 10 vehicles of the city electricity networks service were involved in elimination of the emergency situation.

"Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry and local executive authorities are taking all measures to eliminate the emergency situation," the ministry's press-service says.

Bad weather caused the emergency situation in south Kazakhstan on Saturday. Two houses were damaged and 38 were flooded after a heavy rain and sharp warming. The storm wind in Zhambyl oblast caused a blackout in Shakpakta village of Zhualyn region, Talas region and a big part of Saryssu region. The central boiler house of Karatau town was stopped. Several roads were closed.

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