Meltwater washes out tombs at Semei old cemetery

08 апреля 2013, 15:00
Snapshot of KTK channel
Snapshot of KTK channel
Meltwater has washed out old tombs in Kholodnyi Lkyuch village in the suburbs of Semei, local citizens told Interfax-Kazakhstan.

They noticed human bones sticking out of the ground at the outskirts of the abandoned cemetery. The old cemetery was closed 40 years ago. It currently has no fencing. The villagers are asking the authorities to attend to the problem: to reinforce the cliff and commit the remains to the earth again.

"As the cemetery has been closed long time ago, it is quite obvious that most of the tombs are currently unattended. Considering the sanitary regulations and common human attitude to the memory of the deceased, the authorities have to solve this problem as soon as possible," the public leader and member of Semei NGO Nikolai Issayev said. Semei administration did not give any comments yet.

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