KazTransOil believes MI-8 crew safe and alive

28 ноября 2012, 13:10
Crew of the missing MI-8. Photo courtesy of mail.ru
Crew of the missing MI-8. Photo courtesy of mail.ru
The management of KazTransOil hopes that the missing crew of MI-8 helicopter is alive. The company’s Director General Kairkeldy Kabyldin believes in a good ending of this accident, Tengrinews.kz reports from the press-conference in Astana.

“You know, we are performing aviation-control over the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline. This is our branch company. MI-8 helicopter with board number 823 took off to patrol Usharal-Dostyk route. It took off at 08:30 a.m. and all contacts were lost after two hours,” Kabyldin said.

The company has supplied the rescuers with offroad vehicles, equipment and materials in addition to helicopters used in the search for the missing MI-8.

Kabyldin said that the helicopter’s took off to make a scheduled check. “Aviation-control is provided at some of the sectors: the oil pipeline is long; it is 1.5 thousand km long. The helicopter normally flies over selected sections every day. Back then the plan was Usharal-Dostyk section, which is around 120km,” he explained.

Director General of KazTransOil stressed that the talks about compensations and financial aide to the families of the crew members are premature.

“It is too early to talk about any kind of aid. We hope for a good ending. Maybe, the helicopter had to make an emergency landing somewhere,” Kabyldin added.

The search operation in Kazakhstan involves four MI-8 helicopters, and 54 people and 13 vehicles on the ground. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that divers were searching for the helicopter in Alakol lake as well. The operation is getting more complicated because of a strong wind and bad weather.

The helicopter took off on November 24 at 08.30 to fly over the Usharal-Dostyk section of the Atasu – Alashankow oil pipeline. At 12.30 the same day the contact with the helicopter was lost.

By Gulnara Zhandagulova

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