Fire in East Kazakhstan moving towards China

14 сентября 2011, 17:40
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Fire in Markakol forestry in East Kazakhstan oblast has covered an area of 700 hectares and is moving closer to the Chinese border, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing the oblast's Department of Emergency Situations.

The Department reported that so far firemen manage to prevent fire from spreading to the territory of China. According to the latest information, fire is 2 km away from the Chinese border. The Department notes that fire extinguishing in these problematic mountainous area requires the use of backpack fire-extinguishers. MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters are monitoring the situation from above. “Unfavorable weather conditions and fitful wind make fire extinguishing even more complicated,” the Department’s message states.

Additional 120 people were sent to the accident's site. The total number of firemen participating in the operation has already reached 274 people.

Earlier English reported that Kokterek farm in East-Kazakhstan oblast caught fire, which destroyed 350 tons of hay. No casualties were reported. The operation involved fire-fighting services of the Emergency Situations Department and the farm.

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