Driver tells about petrol lorry accident

27 июня 2013, 16:33
The tank truck damaged four cars before smashing into the residential building next to Rixos hotel in Almaty. The truck driver did not honk before or during the accident, one of the first victims of the truck Miras Yarmukhamedov told According to local residents, they heard a crashing sound when the lorry hit the tree. The fire started 15-20 seconds after the crash.

According to Yarmukhamedov, he was driving Mitsubishi Pajero down Seifullin street and was planning to make a left turn. “Lexus RX300 was going up the street and we were waiting for its to pass. When I was going to start making the turn, the truck hit me in the front left wheel then in the back left wheel. We got thrown off onto that Lexus, while the truck continued down the street grazing one or two more cars along the way. I didn’t even understand where it came from,” the driver said.

The drivers are now planning to arrange an independent check to find out whom to sue for the damages.

More than 10 cars got burnt in the accident. The burnt cars that were parked next to the accident site will be transported to the city's parking lot for further investigation before a decisions of the compensation amounts.

According to Deputy Mayor of Almaty Yuriy Ilyin the petrol tank truck belongs to Helios company. Helios company that owns the truck has refused to comment the situation. The petrol tank lorry exploded near Rixos hotel in Almaty at the crossing of Seifullin and Kabanbay Batyr streets. The truck’s driver died at the accident site. The fire moved on to RealSport sports shop, and #138 Kabanbay Batyr residential building. Burning fuel was flowing down along the gutters as far as 250 meters off the accident site setting everything in its way on fire.

The residents of the building were evacuated. Some of the burnt cars are owned by these residents. The people will be temporarily relocated to the nearest school where food and tents have been made available. The residents are concerned about pillaging. The Deputy Mayor explained that the company or persons responsible for the accident would have to compensate the damages. The city authorities also promised to render aid.

By Alisher Akhmetov, Daniyar Bozov

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