Bus with 100 Uzbeks flips over in western Kazakhstan

23 сентября 2013, 17:04
Bus with 100 Uzbeks flips over in western Kazakhstan - Tengrinews.kz file photo
Tengrinews.kz file photo
A Mercedes passenger bus with around 100 Uzbekistan nationals on board has flipped onto one side in Aktobe oblast in western Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry.

According to the authority, the accident happened 15km from the town of Khromtau at night of September 22. The bus was going from Moscow to Tashkent.

18km from Badamsha village the 61-y.o. driver exceeded the speed limit and lost control of the bus. As a result the bus flipped on the side. The medical check of the bus driver confirmed that he was not driving drunk.

According to the press-service of Aktobe oblast Interior Department, the driver of the bus was brought to administrative liability. The bus’s capacity is 55 passengers, while in fact it was loaded in 98 citizens of Uzbekistan.

After the accident 10 passengers with different injuries were delivered to the hospital. After some medial checks doctors discharged seven people. Another three passengers -- with closed brain injuries and concussions -- were discharged the following morning.

All the citizens of Uzbekistan from the bus were delivered to Khromtau Interior Department and measures were taken to transport them to Tashkent.

One day earlier, at night of September 21, another passenger bus met with an accident. The passenger bus smashed into a Toyota Aristo on Almaty-Shymkent road. The accident claimed lives of the car’s driver and his 68-y.o. passenger. The driver and 5 passengers of the bus were hospitalized. The bus was carrying two drivers and 49 passengers. Several checks have been scheduled. The investigation is underway.

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