Atyrau terrorist dressed up as street cleaner for the blast

09 ноября 2011, 18:01
At the blast location. ©Dmitriy Dubovitskiy
At the blast location. ©Dmitriy Dubovitskiy
Terrorist attacks in Atyrau have been fully investigated, reports citing Kazakhstan General Prosecution office as saying on November 9. Earlier English reported that four members of the criminal group were apprehended and neutralized. Their connection with the Soldiers of Khalifat was fully confirmed. As it turned out, the Soldiers of Khalifat is managed by Kazakhstan citizens hiding at Afghan-Pakistan border.

“Terrorist attacks that hit Atyrau on October 31 have been fully investigated; 4 members of the criminal group have been apprehended and neutralized. As for the terrorist organization Jund-Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat), law-enforcement and special authorities are taking all the necessary measures to bring its members to responsibility and suppress their criminal activities. The investigation is in process. In case of discovery of new details that can be made public without interfering with the investigation, they will be immediately released,” official representative of Kazakhstan General Prosecution office said.

The authorities unveiled some of the details of how the terrorists were preparing for the blasts in Atyrau.

“October 28 and 30 two bombs were made in Sultangaliyev’s apartment. The group members bought a uniform of housing and public utility service personnel as a cover during installation of the bomb. At night of October 30 Sagenov and Ussabekov checked the locations of planned blasts. Ussabekov put the bomb in a garbage can close to the oblast administration building at around 9:00 a.m. on October 31 and Sultangaliyev, acting like a street cleaner, had to take the bomb to local prosecution office building,” prosecutors said in a statement.

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