Atyrau citizens asking for aid after the blast

03 ноября 2011, 17:14
Explosion area. Photo courtesy
Explosion area. Photo courtesy
Residents of the building next to the suicide bomber's blast location in Atyrau have asked for help from the authorities, Channel 31 reports.

According to the residents, the blast shattered windows and balcony doors in the nearby residential building from the first to the fifth floor. There are cracks in the walls in places. However, local authorities are not talking about any compensation for making the repairs yet. “No authorities have rendered any financial or moral support so far. We are still scared to go home. I have been taking pills to sleep for two days already,” one of the residents said.

Earlier English reported that two explosions happened in Atyrau in the morning of October 31. The first blast was in a garbage can at Kulmanov street. Later an unknown man blew himself up in Saryarka region. Islamic group Djund Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) claimed responsibility for both explosions.

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