Aktau oil tanker explosion: train driver transferred to Burn Center in Astana

25 ноября 2013, 14:44
Photo ©lada.kz
Photo ©lada.kz
The train driver Berik Kulbarakov who suffered burns in the oil tanker explosion near Aktau has been ransferred to the Burn Center in Astana, Tengrinews reports citing Director of the Mangystau Oblast Hospital Nurlan Tlepov. He also commented on Mr. Kulbarakov’s current state and his transfer.

“We observe a positive dynamic in his current condition. He now breathes on his own and has been withdrawn from the induced coma. However, Mr. Kulbarakov is still in intensive care under constant medical observation. Today or tomorrow we are planning to transfer the patient to the Burn Center in Astana. He should be able to endure the flight,” said Doctor Tlepov over the telephone last week.

The petroleum tanks and a nearby construction trailer burned at the railway crossing in an industrial area between Bayandy and Manigistau-5 villages on November 16, 2013. The assistant of the train driver died in the fire.

The train driver Berik Kulbarakov alerted the emergency services and kept searching for his assistant in the fire. His counterparts consider Mr. Kulbarakov’s actions to be heroic.

The officials reported the oil spill emergency scale. “The oil has been spilled over 3480 square meter area. The analysis indicate that the penetration of oil is between 2 and 50 meters,” said the Head Ecologist of Mangystau Region Ermek Umarov. The liquidation of the fallout was reported to take two or three days. The state officials promised to report on the financial damage caused the incident In a week's time.

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