70 people injured by fireworks in Almaty

08 января 2014, 15:47
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Around 70 people were injured by fireworks on the New Year’s night in Almaty, Tengrinews reports referring to the press-service of the Emergency Situations Department of Almaty.

55 people out of 68 injured were treated in hospitals and the remaining 13 people waived hospitalization.

34 adults and 34 minors are among the victims of fireworks in Almaty. Most of them had burns on their eyes, fingers, hands and ears.

The Emergency Department responded to 18 calls on the New Year’s night; 3 of them were fires.

Last year 15 people were injured by firecrackers in Almaty. The most serious injury last year was that of a young man, 27: a firecracker exploded in his hand, ripping it off. And the youngest victim was 2-y.o. boy, who suffered the heat burn of his eyes.

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