410 houses flooded in Southern Kazakhstan

20 февраля 2012, 19:43
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
410 houses have been flooded in Temirlanovka village of Southern Kazakhstan oblast's Ordabasinskiy region, Tengrinews.kz reports.

The water stands 0.5 meter above the ground level. The floodwater came from the fields. Beyond that it is snowing and raining at present in the region. Some people who live in the village had started trying to save their belongings before rescue teams arrived. But it is difficult to do it quickly because cars can hardly drive along the muddy roads in the area. Many people had to leave their cattle in their flooded yards.

180 rescue vehicles reached the village to evacuate people by midday. Askar Myrzakhmetov, Akim (Governor) of the oblast visited the site. Evacuated people have been accommodated in four schools. According to the Akim the situation is complicated in four more villages of Ordabasinskiy region.

The good news is that the threat of flooding has receded in Aryss and Otrar regions. But 35 houses got flooded because of heavy rains in Monbulak village that is situated in Kazygurt region. According to the village's authorities the water has flooded houses because channels and irrigation ditches were locked.

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